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Monday, 11 February 2013

Build your course through moodle

The field of education is undergoing drastic changes and new methods of imparting education are being devised and technology has further increased the rate of this process. The method which has gained favor in the recent years is the online learning which is the result of increased application and advances in the internet. Online learning is fun, interactive and not dull and boring like the standard classroom teaching that we know.

 The system uses Moodle in the accompanying way: 
Arranged learning and instructing: all the course assets and lessons are given as a library. The course is broken down into consecutive parts containing showing notes; other media, for example, implanted Youtube webcasts, tests and exercises; and also task accommodation, input, and evaluating.

Discussions and workshops: where data are traded in the middle of mentor and learners through gatherings; and exercises, for example, online collaborate workshops and e-portfolio exercises are arranged.

Organization: all learners are enlisted through moodle and assignments are evaluated through moodle and kept inside moodle environment for future inner/outer confirmation and quality certification.

However, to ensure effective learning, one has to develop a good learning website and this can be a difficult and time consuming process. So, one needs to have a platform on which one can develop such learning websites with ease and which has flexibility and is customizable. Such platform is the Moodle or Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment, a Linux based platform which can help design education oriented websites with ease and one can resort to moodle customization to make it suitable for any course, which is why it is known as a Course Management System (CMS).

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