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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Moodle has a set of predesigned graphic moodle themes

As we know moodle is one of the foremost learning software development platforms, that has gained popularity not only with school educators, but is also used by business enterprises to design courses fortheir employees. It has been used by thousands of institutions to develop learning software and has more than 60 million users. Moodle has a set of predesigned graphic themes similar to other LMS. For instance, we can use themes of our own and also change them at our own will. This is done so as to facilitate proper customization and makes any software more user- friendly. Similarly customization is important for learning software development platform such as moodle so that learners feel more at ease while using the software because without graphics based themes, any learning software may become monotonous and boring. There are a large number of customizable moodle themes available on their website’s free library page with more than 100 themes. The site has a demo option and these themes have a download option as well. Moodle themes can be selected either for the complete website, or a single user, or a single course, but one has to configure the site to allow for the incorporation of changes. .

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