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Friday, 18 January 2013

Why moodle is considered as the top learning management system ?

Moodle is an open source platform which is being used by the teachers who can create interesting courses for their pupils. Among the most interactive processes in Moodle is that of its development. The most basic aspect of moodle is the theme which is the reason for its ease of customization and accessibility. In fact, moodle has a number of tutorials which instruct the users to engage in new theme development which makes it even easier to come up with themes of their own liking or one can modify an existing moodle theme and there are a lot of custom themes available on the moodle which can be used as such or modified in individual or the changes can be applied to the whole program. 

Apart from the customizable themes and easy design and development process, it is also known for its round the clock moodle support system. It's a big reason why so much development is covered within such a short span of time and new versions comes out in times less than a year. The basic component is the Moodle Docs, which is a set of informative tutorials and FAQ’s arranged on the basis of topics and the given aspect of moodle, be its themes, design, and development etc. Other than these Moodle Docs, the moodle has an ever active online forum where all members of the online moodle community can convene and discuss issues and topics. These features have led to the great success of moodle as a learning development platform.

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