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Monday, 18 February 2013

Mad at moodle? Here are a few tips to moodle beginners

Moodle is one of the foremost platforms for developing quality e-learning courses and is hence known as a course management system and is also virtual learning environment. It is used by thousands of educators and institutions worldwide and has millions of online moodle users who use it to develop great online learning courses. This is because technology has influenced the field of education and teachers and course developers have realized that e-learning is a great way of educating and are engaged in developing online learning courses.

Few tips for moodle beginners:

1) Start with the structure:
Moodle has a hierarchical structure. Activities or resources on relevant topics are available in a different category. So you need to think about how you want to organize. Well-organized e-learning course attracts to the learner and helps us easier to manage it.

2) Select activities/resources wisely:
Moodle comes out with many functionalities and its a continual evolution. You can assess your learners through assessments, feed-backs, reach them through online forums, live chats, messages. Even you can add extra features the way you want. One great advantage of moodle is it is available in almost all the languages.

3) Look closely at the setting option : Different settings in moodle can result different functions. For instance, quiz settings can provide optional, multiple type questions, immediate feedbacks etc. If you are new to moodle, please coordinate with us to help you to guide you.

4) The language pack features of moodle: The language tab in site administration allows you to download the language pack at the installation of moodle. You can also customize the language to interact with the moodle users.

This means that educators who wish to moodle customization e-learning software using moodle must learn how to use moodle and develop programs on it. Since not everyone has a strong background in programming and computer languages which are required to use moodle, one can go for moodle training. Moodle training is necessary and it can be availed from any of the numerous moodle training sites. We also provide the online training course of moodle. This is why these courses are important for anyone who wants to learn moodle and use this amazing platform to its full potential.

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